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Virginia devotes $14 million to deploying all-electric bus fleet across the state

BY: - October 31, 2018

Virginia is investing $14 million to deploy all-electric transit buses across the state, according to a news release. The investment represents 15 percent of the Virginia’s $93.6 million Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust allocation. Earlier this year, the state devoted another 15 percent of the allocation to set up a contract with a charging station company […]

Scooter startup says Richmond’s proposed $40,000 license fee likely nonstarter

BY: - September 27, 2018

If you’ve been following the entry of the electric scooter rental industry into Virginia, you know there’s Bird Rides, which has taken a brute force approach to doing business in Norfolk and Richmond, paying thousands in impound fees just to put its scooters back on the streets to get impounded again. Then there’s Lime, which […]

Bird moves into Norfolk, gets its scooters impounded in a whole new Va. city

BY: - August 29, 2018

Fresh from getting run out of Richmond by the city’s aggressive towing contractor, an electric scooter rental company popped up in Norfolk on Thursday, according to The Virginian-Pilot. Authorities in Norfolk appear to be acting even quicker than Richmond to get the scooters, which people can rent for $1 with a smartphone app, off city […]

GRTC director’s resignation followed tense board meetings, spat with state over Pulse buses

BY: - August 17, 2018

GRTC Transit System CEO David Green left the bus company last week after overseeing the biggest transformation of public transit in Richmond since 1948, when the city torched its old trolley cars in a grand pyre and switched to buses. The company launched its new flagship service, the Pulse, a bus rapid transit line that’s […]

Richmond is impounding electric scooters that popped up overnight

BY: - August 16, 2018

That didn’t last long. This morning, about 100 electric scooters that people can rent using a smartphone app had been dropped on sidewalks around downtown Richmond and VCU. By close of business, city officials said they were rounding up the scooters because the company hadn’t gotten permission to roll out the system. “The company been advised […]

Dockless electric rental scooters dropped onto Richmond sidewalks overnight. They may not be here for long

BY: - August 16, 2018

Update: A Bird spokeswoman says the company’s entry into Richmond is only temporary. She described it in an email this afternoon as a “pop up” timed to coincide with the beginning of fall classes at VCU. But she didn’t respond to questions about what exactly the company means by pop up and how long they plan […]

If GRTC doesn’t speed up Pulse, VCU can bail under $1.2M deal

BY: - August 2, 2018

A $1.2 million deal to get VCU students, faculty and staff on city buses in Richmond includes a contractual requirement that GRTC Transit System increase the frequency of its new bus rapid transit line, the Pulse. And under the contract, if GRTC doesn’t pull it off, VCU can walk. As launched on June 24, the […]

Can Richmond get the middle class back on the bus?

BY: - August 2, 2018

Bus service in Richmond has long been treated like a form of welfare for the very poor, says Ben Campbell, a longtime transit advocate who now sits on the board of GRTC Transit System. And, as a result, he says it’s been funded and operated as such — largely neglected, rarely improved. With the rollout […]

Virginian-Pilot stonewalled on tax information

BY: - July 18, 2018

Virginian-Pilot reporter Ana Ley got an earful from Portsmouth’s elected commissioner of the revenue while she was trying to pry loose neighborhood-specific information on meal, beverage and retail tax revenues for a story published Wednesday. “You’ve taken up a lot of time – taxpayer dollars – trying to respond to your request because you want […]