Virginia aims to slow down drivers. Will it work?

BY: - July 16, 2021

In the first half of last year, Americans drove 264.2 billion fewer miles than over the same timespan in 2019. Fewer miles driven didn’t translate to fewer fatalities, though. In 2020, traffic deaths shot up 7.2 percent nationwide and speeding-related crashes increased 11 percent. Here in the commonwealth, that terrifying trend meant that 847 people […]

PETA seeks safety designation for stretch of Virginia road prone to hog truck crashes

BY: - July 8, 2021

PETA has asked the state Department of Transportation to designate a portion of State Route 10 in southeastern Virginia as a highway safety corridor due to what the animal welfare group and locals say is a high rate of crashes involving hog trucks. A safety corridor designation on the road between U.S. Route 58 in […]

Mountain Empire Transit's new METGo! servce will cover an 11-square-mile zone that includes UVA Wise and the city of Norton. (Photo courtesy of Mountain Empire Transit)

In microtransit test, some rural Virginians can now order bus rides through an app

BY: - June 29, 2021

Residents of two rural Virginia counties who don’t have an easy way to get around are gaining more flexibility to order up a ride from an app. But instead of getting transportation through ride-sharing platforms like Uber or Lyft, which aren’t always an option in sparsely populated areas, the app will connect them to small […]

Car crashes decreased in Virginia during the pandemic, but deaths went up

BY: - June 22, 2021

The number of crashes on Virginia roads plummeted in 2020, according to new data, but the number of traffic deaths rose to the highest level in more than a decade. A total of 847 people died in traffic accidents last year, a roughly 2.4 percent increase over 2019. Numbers worsened in what transportation officials call […]

Plan to widen beltway and Interstate 270 suffers major defeat in key vote

BY: - June 17, 2021

A regional transportation panel on Wednesday dealt a potentially crippling blow to planned widening of I-495 and I-270 and the replacement of the American Legion Bridge between Maryland and Virginia. Sitting as the Transportation Planning Board, county and municipal leaders from Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia voted to remove the project from a […]


What will it take to modernize Virginia’s public transit systems?

BY: - June 15, 2021

A bus stop in a bucket is by no means representative of the average amenities provided by transit systems across the commonwealth, but the all-too-common sight is far from befitting 21st century public transportation. In a way, it’s as much a testament to the resourcefulness of Virginia’s transit providers as it is to the decades […]

Electric buses, asphalt and bridges: Politicians jostle for federal transportation cash

BY: and - May 24, 2021

WASHINGTON — The nearly $1 billion that U.S. Rep. Garret Graves is seeking through Congress’ revamped earmarks process isn’t a typo. The Louisiana Republican says Baton Rouge desperately needs a new bridge to alleviate a crush of roadway congestion — at a cost of $955.2 million for several projects. That far exceeds the $20 million that […]


As America’s infrastructure crumbles, politicians treat the problem like a partisan board game

BY: - May 24, 2021

No, America, this is not a drill. In Texas, supposedly the nation’s energy capital, more than 4.5 million homes and businesses were left without light and power for days on end as a freakish winter storm and cold wave caused the state’s insular power grid to fail under the demand. More than 150 deaths resulted […]

With ‘Amtrak Joe’ in the White House, states hope for a passenger rail renaissance

BY: - April 30, 2021

Stu Nicholson has been trying for decades without success to get Amtrak —or any other passenger rail service — to come to Columbus, Ohio. As director of All Aboard Ohio, a passenger rail advocacy group, Nicholson helped explore possibilities, like creating a new route from Chicago to Pittsburgh, with Columbus in the middle. But for […]


Does Virginia need an Office of Trails?

BY: - April 28, 2021

From new walking paths at First Landing to freshly forged mountain biking trails in Pocahontas State Park, Virginia’s General Assembly isn’t unfamiliar with putting money towards outdoor recreation. However, the $10 million for regional trails included in the most recent state budget sets a new precedent for trails funding. Although news of the money was […]

Windsor, site of viral traffic stop, leans heavily on ticketing to fund its budget

BY: - April 16, 2021

The aggressive treatment of an Army lieutenant during a routine traffic stop in the tiny town of Windsor may have surprised some local residents, many of whom called video of the incident a shocking and brazen display of police misconduct. But the stop itself did not: The town is one of a handful of jurisdictions […]


Should Virginia bus systems go fare free forever?

BY: - April 6, 2021

When the General Assembly created the Transit Rider Incentive Program (TRIP) as part of Gov. Ralph Northam’s 2020 transportation omnibus, the lion’s share of the funding was allocated to support new regional bus routes. With COVID’s cancellation of much commuter service across the commonwealth, those dollars are now being dedicated to TRIP’s secondary goal: fare […]