‘It was a real tragedy:’ A push to better understand childhood trauma’s role in addiction, abuse and mental health

BY: - August 15, 2018

When she was a child, Kristen Garland spent a lot of time alone in her room with the door locked. Maybe the lock could keep away the men who abused her. Maybe the lock could stop her flashbacks, or her nightmares of a strange man entering her room. When the lock wasn’t enough, she’d run […]

An asexual, swarming tick has invaded Virginia

BY: - August 13, 2018

The scene could be plucked from science fiction. Or maybe a horror movie. Picture hundreds of ticks swarming over a horse’s head in Virginia’s Warren County and thousands crawling up a New Jersey woman’s arm as she shears her sheep. The longhorned tick has been known to spread deadly disease in its native eastern Asia, […]

As opioid epidemic drags on, meth deaths also start to rise

BY: - August 9, 2018

The drugs helped Stephanie Hague stay numb to the pain. If she left her brain alone for too long without any substances to distract it, she’d start to remember the abuse and trauma in her past. All she wanted to do was forget. “I just did not want to feel,” she said. Hague’s story is […]

From the emergency room to the courtroom: Va. medical providers sued patients for nearly $590 million over past five years

BY: and - August 8, 2018

Annie Washington is 60 years old, has diabetes and no insurance. If she needs to see a doctor, she winds up in the emergency room. But while hospitals can’t turn indigent patients away, they can still bill them. And when patients can’t afford those bills, collection lawsuits often follow. “I work at McDonald’s,” the Henrico […]

Nurse practitioners and doctors clash as Virginia sets up autonomous practice rules

BY: - August 6, 2018

Virginia’s medical turf war appeared to come to an end earlier this year when nurse practitioners won the right to practice autonomously without physician supervision, despite objections from many of the state’s doctors. But the battle still rages on quietly behind the scenes as the state works to create the regulations that would govern the […]

Many Virginia nursing homes are short on staff, new federal data shows

BY: - August 3, 2018

In some Virginia nursing homes, residents see a nurse for about nine minutes every day. If they don’t see a staff member often enough, they could develop pressure sores because they weren’t turned over in bed. Or they might not get the right medication or help with food and hydration. “So many of our individuals […]

Nurse practitioners worry opioid-prescription rules will interfere with treating pain

BY: - August 1, 2018

Doctors began doling out opioid prescriptions in the 1990s under the guidance of pharmaceutical companies who promised the painkillers weren’t addictive. Now, a key part of tackling the drug epidemic sweeping the country is reining in the prescription pad. But in Virginia, some nurse practitioners say the state’s opioid prescription regulations are too strict and […]

State launches program to flag ‘high utilizers’ of hospital emergency departments

BY: - July 31, 2018

Dr. Bruce Lo sees these cases all the time, he said. A patient comes into his emergency department at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, and they’ve already been to a different emergency room dozens of times in the past few months. In the past, emergency physicians would essentially have to treat the patient in the dark, […]

Report: Virginia’s Medicaid work requirement could mean thousands lose coverage

BY: - July 26, 2018

The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, a Richmond-based, nonpartisan research organization, estimates that thousands of Virginians would lose coverage if the state successfully implements a work requirement as part of Medicaid expansion. The General Assembly passed Medicaid expansion during its last session after four years of failed attempts. To earn Republican support, the legislature added […]

Bon Secours merging with another Catholic health system

BY: - July 23, 2018

Bon Secours Health, which operates four hospitals in the Richmond area and three in Hampton Roads — in addition to facilities in five other states — is merging with Mercy Health, the largest health system in Ohio. Once combined, the two entities will “create one of the five largest Catholic health care systems in the […]

Four years of political battling over Medicaid expansion has ended. What comes next?

BY: - July 23, 2018

In May, when Virginia’s General Assembly passed a budget that includes expanding the state’s Medicaid program, Lisa Coles’ daughter came running into her bedroom, ecstatic. “She said, ‘Mom, we’re going to get health insurance! It’s coming through!’” Coles, 49, recalled. “I said, ‘Yeah, girl, Jan. 1, we’re going to get it!’ I was so happy.” […]

‘What recourse do you have other than to write the check?’ Lawmakers scrutinize ‘balance-billing.’

BY: - July 19, 2018

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for patients to protect themselves from surprise medical bills, and a Virginia legislative committee has the issue firmly in its crosshairs. As health care costs rise, patients are being asked to shoulder more of the burden. Some of that comes from a practice known as balance billing, when an out-of-network provider […]