Virginia’s Native American Tribes


A tough choice ahead for the secretary of the commonwealth on the Mattaponi tribe’s future

BY: - April 4, 2022

One thing any politician hates is a no-win situation, one in which he or she has to decide between two opposing groups and, no matter what you decide, somebody’s going to be pissed off. Virginia’s secretary of the commonwealth, Kay Coles James, seems to have such a decision in her future. Kay James has been […]

Rappahannock Tribe celebrates return of Fones Cliffs acreage

BY: - April 4, 2022

Some dreams take generations to accomplish, as was the case when the Rappahannock Tribe celebrated the return of more than 400 acres of their tribal homeland Friday. The tribe has endured centuries of displacement stemming back to 1608 when English explorer John Smith made his first voyage up the Rappahannock River. “We know that the […]