How will GOP’s get-out-of-Dodge move play in November?

BY: - July 10, 2019

On one side of Bank Street, the chant was “Floor votes now.” On the other, a parody version: “More guns now.” For most of the late morning Tuesday, the divide over gun regulation at Virginia’s Capitol was literal and physical. Nothing that happened later in the day bridged the chasm. Republicans voted to hightail it […]

Special session on guns: A big crowd, a quick adjournment, a post-election punt and a confusing charade

BY: and - July 9, 2019

Huge crowds of advocates on both sides of the gun debate crammed into the Capitol on Tuesday, one heavily armed with rifles and pistols and the other wearing red T-shirts and ready with a string of chants. Both left surprised when a special session to take up gun legislation following the mass shooting in Virginia Beach concluded […]


Arming all the good guys: an ‘all-around recipe for disaster’

BY: - July 8, 2019

Back at my first full-time newspaper job, I wrote a story about a citizen’s police academy program, the kind that’s common in communities around the country and is intended to give regular people a better understanding of police training and procedures. Part of it involved a shooting simulator, an attempt to convey the difficulty in […]

Republicans introduce bills restricting guns in government buildings

BY: - July 8, 2019

Virginia Beach Republican Del. Glenn Davis will carry legislation that would allow municipalities to ban guns in local government buildings, with some caveats. Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment, R-James City, went further, introducing a bill that would prohibit guns and other weapons “in any building owned or used by a locality for governmental purposes in […]