The Emmett Till Antilynching Act doesn’t change the law very much. That’s OK.

BY: - April 6, 2022

By Cullen Seltzer After more than a century of trying, a federal anti-lynching act was signed into law yesterday.  The good news is that the country, with passage of the Emmett Till Antilynching Act, is at long last on record opposing lynching. There have been thousands of lynching victims.  There are countless thousands more who’ve […]

U.S. House votes to decriminalize marijuana in federal law

BY: - April 1, 2022

The U.S. House passed legislation Friday to legalize marijuana nationally, but its future is much less clear in the Senate. The House voted 220-204 to approve the measure, which would fix the split between federal law and 19 states where recreational marijuana is legal. Three Republicans joined all but two Democrats in approving the measure. Matt Gaetz and […]

Easing new limits on police powers, Virginia is cracking back down on noisy cars

BY: - April 1, 2022

As someone who once lived near the Richmond Raceway, Robin Mines says she’s familiar with the sound of loud, fast cars. She didn’t expect to have to endure similar noises miles away in her current South Richmond neighborhood, where she says elderly people, children and veterans with PTSD are being rattled late at night by […]

Upcoming U.S. Supreme Court cases could curb colleges’ use of affirmative action

BY: - March 31, 2022

WASHINGTON — A U.S. Supreme Court dominated by conservative justices could fundamentally reshape the college admissions process later this year when it takes up two landmark cases challenging affirmative action in higher education. The court recently agreed to hear two cases that challenge race-conscious admissions programs at Harvard University the nation’s oldest private university and the University of […]

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas pressed to recuse himself from Jan. 6 cases

BY: - March 30, 2022

Two dozen congressional Democrats are calling for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from cases involving the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, following revelations his wife communicated with the Trump White House about overturning the election. No members of Virginia’s delegation signed the letter. In addition, it appears likely that […]

U.S. Senate winds up grueling Supreme Court hearings on Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination

BY: - March 25, 2022

WASHINGTON – Representatives of the American Bar Association reiterated their finding that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is well qualified to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, and law enforcement groups rebutted GOP accusations Jackson is soft on child pornographers during the final day of Jackson’s confirmation hearings Thursday. Republicans, however, called in witnesses to continue […]

GOP senators attack and interrupt in final day of questioning U.S. Supreme Court nominee

BY: - March 24, 2022

WASHINGTON — In the third day of hearings Wednesday on the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court, several Republicans on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee interrogated her about sentences she handed down for child pornography offenses, disagreeing vehemently with her judicial decisions. Republicans grilled her with questions she had already answered about […]


We must do something to stem this wanton bloodshed

BY: - March 24, 2022

Please make them stop. I’m talking about the wanton, reckless firearm slayings that happen too often in Virginia and around the country. The victims and killers are disproportionately Black men.  This time, an African American woman, Sierra Jenkins, was caught up in the maelstrom and shot dead. The reporter for The Virginian-Pilot had just turned […]

Ketanji Brown Jackson defends her record under grilling from U.S. Senate Republicans

BY: - March 23, 2022

WASHINGTON – Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday sharpened their criticisms of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, probing her work as a public defender on behalf of terrorism suspects, the judicial sentences she has handed down for child pornography offenses and her views of critical race theory. Jackson defended her record […]

Ketanji Brown Jackson vows to decide U.S. Supreme Court cases from a ‘neutral posture’

BY: - March 22, 2022

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson began her four-day confirmation process to become the nation’s first Black female associate justice on Monday, listening to hours of opening statements from Senate Judiciary Committee members before giving her own. In her first public remarks since President Joe Biden nominated her last month, Jackson, who grew up […]


‘Flattening the curve’ of overdose deaths in Virginia

BY: - March 17, 2022

By Eisha Jain, Hunter Hewlett, Natalina Contoreggi, Caitlin Womack, Kevin Parham Since the emergence of the novel coronavirus, Americans have been subjected to a crash course in epidemiology. Phrases like “percent positivity” and ‘flattening the curve,’ once academic, are now common vernacular. Given our community’s newfound education in public health science, we should be gravely concerned about […]

Legislation to crack down on marijuana products, including synthetics, heads to Youngkin

BY: - March 17, 2022

The General Assembly failed at finding a path to starting recreational marijuana sales this year, but a law outlining stricter regulations for retailers selling what one lawmaker called “juiced-up” synthetic products made its way through the legislature last week with bipartisan support. The bill, which is now before Gov. Glenn Youngkin, explicitly bans sales of […]