Virginia Supreme Court says Norfolk prosecutors can’t dismiss marijuana charges; Hopewell considers year-round schools; an investigation into white sauce and more headlines

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• In the fight over marijuana cases in Norfolk, the State Supreme Court sided with local judges, who had refused to go along with Commonwealth Attorney Greg Underwood’s new policy to dismiss all misdemeanor possession charges. – The Virginian-Pilot

• To win a court case seeking to stop the city from removing two Confederate monuments, Charlottesville must now prove that “the motive for putting up the Lee and Jackson statues was white racial superiority.” – The Daily Progress

• The fight over the Hanover-based House of Delegates district currently represented by Chris Peace took a perplexing turn Saturday when Peace’s GOP primary challenger declared himself the party’s nominee after his supporters proceeded with a nominating convention the central party had cancelled days earlier. – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• Amazon says it will avoid affordable housing woes it caused in Seattle by planning better in Northern Virginia. – The Washington Post

• Williamsburg-area police agencies say not a single gun owner has turned in a bump stock since a federal ban took effect a month ago. – The Virginia Gazette

• Public defenders in Richmond and Petersburg are testing automated text messages to nudge defendants to show up for their court dates. – Associated Press

• Hopewell is considering shifting its schools to a year-round calendar in hopes of boosting student performance. They’d be the first school district in the state to eliminate summer vacation. – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• Animal-rights activists in Lynchburg are protesting the opening of an aquarium in a local mall. “This is just a modern version of a roadside zoo and it needs to be done away with.” – The News & Advance

• The state has a long and sometimes cruel history of share cropping, which drove the state’s agricultural economy for years after the abolition of slavery. “Today, dogs have it better.” – Daily Press

• That white sauce served with your basket of chips at local Mexican restaurants? Yeah, apparently that’s a Virginia-only thing. “Where it came from? Who started making it? A lot of people, including Mexican people, have that question, too. But we make it. We have to have it, because the people come in and ask for white sauce. They need it.” – The Virginian-Pilot

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