Virginia Department of Health sends nurses to North Carolina

Virginia Mercury

The state’s Department of Health, along with local departments in Fairfax and Arlington counties, are sending 35 public health nurses to North Carolina to provide emergency shelters with medical support in the wake of Hurricane Florence, which has so far killed 23 people.

The first 22 nurses left Virginia on Sunday, while the state’s remaining public health nurses are standing by to deploy to Southwest Virginia if necessary. According to a statement from the department, the hurricane could bring landslides, flood rivers or tornadoes to that part of the state.

“We are so fortunate that the initial path of Florence spared much of Virginia, allowing us to send multipole teams of public health nurses to help North Carolina,” State Health Commissioner Norman Oliver said in a statement. “Many of those nurses who have volunteered to spend the next 9-16 days providing public health services in general population shelters are coming off shifts in shelters that have now closed in their own communities.”