Virginia Beach fires employee who referenced shooting; Amazon releases plans; Tech takes aim at frats; Raining poop in Norfolk and more headlines

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• Virginia Beach fired a longtime city employee (and charged her with disturbing the peace) after she told her supervisor during a team meeting after the May 31 mass shooting, “You are exactly the same type of supervisor that probably pushed this guy to do that.” – The Virginian-Pilot

 • The Chesterfield-based drug company that markets and sells Suboxone will pay $1.4 billion to resolve a lawsuit alleging “an illicit nationwide scheme to increase prescriptions” by using a bogus argument to stop a generic version of the drug from being released and funneling potential patients to doctors the company knew were overprescribing the drug. The case was sparked by a local employee-turned whistleblower. – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• Amazon released design plans for its Northern Virginia campus. They show lots of green space, multi-level buildings and pedestrian walkways. – WAMU

• Leaders in Page County voted against joining a federal program that would provide free breakfast and lunches to all students at two elementary schools despite some families in the economically struggling area owing more than $800 in meal debt. School Board members would not explain the decision. – Daily News-Record

• Federal regulators are asking questions about the environmental safety of the coating on the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s pipes, which have been stored above ground for over a year now amid construction delays. – The Roanoke Times

• Police captured a man who scaled a fence to escape an ICE detention center in Caroline County. “He didn’t look like he was gonna hurt anyone,” said a nearby homeowner who spotted him. “He just looked like he was tired from running.” – WRIC

• A Virginia Beach man who disagreed with U.S. Sen. Mark Warner’s stances on abortion and border wall funding pleaded guilty to threatening to shoot the politician. – The Virginian-Pilot

• Virginia Tech warned students to stay away from eight unrecognized fraternities they called a “significant threat… to student safety, well-being, and town-gown relationships.” – The Roanoke Times

• Roanoke school officials approved a new gender-neutral dress code after complaints the old rules targeted female students. – The Roanoke Times

• A colony of night herons that has taken up residence in a Norfolk neighborhood has inundated the streets with poop to the point where residents say it’s not safe to go outside without an umbrella. “The streets are painted, and they paint the cars with poop.” – The Virginian-Pilot

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