Va. Beach seeks millions for renovation of mass shooting site; Court is cool with 650 percent interest rates; ‘Marital privilege’ bars testimony and more headlines

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• Officials in Virginia Beach are asking the state for $30 million to help pay for renovations to the building that was the site of the May 31 mass shooting. They’re hoping the General Assembly will act on the request during the special session that opens this week. – The Virginian-Pilot

• About a dozen members of the KKK held a surprise recruitment rally outside the Hanover County Courthouse. – NBC12

• The new director of Richmond’s public housing agency is promising swift action to redevelop thousands of aging apartment complexes. “We’re tearing it down.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• A federal appeals court ruled loan companies operated by Indian tribes can charge interest rates as high as 650 percent. – Daily Press

• School administrators in Norfolk ordered student journalists to take down a news report on a decrepit high school building. “We figured it was kind of like pointing out the obvious,” said one of the student reporters. “We didn’t know it was going to cause controversy.” – The Virginian-Pilot

• CEOs of publicly traded companies in the Richmond area saw their compensation rise an average of 6 percent last year. Dominion Energy’s leader, Tom Farrell, remains the highest paid, with a package valued at $14.96 million. – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• A human rights group says state prison guards in riot gear attacked two inmates in wheelchairs who were recovering from back surgery. Prison officials say they’re still investigating but “preliminary findings … do not support the allegations.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• At an NRA townhall, Sen. Bryce Reeves, R-Spotsylvania, singled out a gay colleague’s sexual orientation while criticizing him, saying Sen. Adam Ebbin, D-Alexandria, wants to “radically change Virginia,” is from Northern Virginia and “really liberal,” and “he’s one of the openly gay, uh, senators in our, uh, Senate.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• A Chesapeake man who says his wife tried to get him to murder a family member can’t testify against her in court under a state law that allows her to assert “marital privilege.” – The Virginian-Pilot

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