Northam asks cabinet to stand by; Fairfax calls allegations a ‘smear;’ Medical school goes into damage control and more headlines


Our daily roundup of headlines from Virginia and elsewhere.

• Gov. Ralph Northam asked his cabinet members to stand by while he decides whether or not to yield to calls for his resignation. Sources cay it could take days while Northam continues to try to gather evidence that he was not in the photo. – The Washington Post

• Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax denounced sexual assault allegations against him as an unsubstantiated smear. For the most part, lawmakers have declined to comment, saying they didn’t have enough information to draw a conclusion. – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• Both controversies test Democrats’ zero-tolerance policy on racism and sexual misconduct. “We can’t call out Donald Trump, we can’t call out Steve King, if we’re not walking the talk.” – Associated Press

•Protesters rallied again outside the governor’s mansion to call for Northam’s resignation. – The Virginian-Pilot

• The editor of the site that first published the yearbook page and then resurfaced unsubstantiated allegations about Fairfax said his former employer, Breitbart, had gone soft and called conspiracy theorist Alex Jones “basically my Walter Cronkite.” – The New York Times

• Eastern Virginia Medical School hired Richard Cullen, the go-to damage control guy in Virginia, to investigate “the school’s past and present culture surrounding race.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• The head of the Democratic party in Augusta County offered what might be the most bizarre defense of Northam so far, calling the yearbook photo showing someone in black face and someone in KKK robes an image of racial harmony. “When they are together, it means they have buried the hatchet and are in harmony with each other,” Nolen said in an email. – News Leader

• Casino legislation passed out of the Senate, but as amended, lawmakers will have to act again next year for anything to happen. – Bristol Herald Courier

• A construction company owned by a member of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors sued the county administrator over liens on his home. The administrator counter-sued. Now the supervisor isn’t talking to the administrator, saying they should “pause” their monthly meetings on county business. – Danville Register and Bee

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