State suspends new policy banning women wearing tampons from visiting prisons

(Pixabay/Creative Commons)

Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration pulled the plug on a new policy banning women visiting state prisons from wearing tampons.

The move comes a day after the policy faced widespread news coverage and scrutiny.

“Having been recently informed of a recent Virginia Department of Corrections (DOC) visitation policy, I have ordered its immediate suspension until further review,” Northam’s cabinet secretary for public safety, Brian Moran, tweeted.

“I understand DOC’s precautionary steps to detect the rising threat of contraband, overdoses and even deaths among our offender population. A number of concerns have been raised about the new procedure. …

“Though the policy has not taken effect and is scheduled for Oct. 6, I feel it appropriate to immediately suspend the newly developed policy until a more thorough review of its implementation and potential consequences are considered.”