More than 100 wells on and near military bases exceeded federal contamination guidelines; Environmental regulators fine Devils Backbone brewery and more headlines

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• “UVA has ruined us.” The university’s state-funded, non-profit hospital system stands out among its peers for unusually aggressive efforts to collect on unpaid medical bills and limited offerings of charity care, “pursuing poor as well as middle-class patients for almost all they’re worth.” After the practices were reported early Monday, UVA’s president promised changes. – Kaiser Health News

• Current and former officials at Liberty University say they’re losing confidence in the college’s leader, Jerry Falwell Jr., amid ongoing disclosures about business deals that benefited his friends and family financially. “We’re not a school; we’re a real estate hedge fund,” said a senior university official with inside knowledge of Liberty’s finances. “We’re not educating; we’re buying real estate every year and taking students’ money to do it.” – Politico

• “A first-of-its-kind mental health survey of police, firefighters and 911 call dispatchers in Virginia finds that they experience suicidal thoughts at a rate of more than double the general population and that nearly a quarter suffer from work-related depression.” – The Washington Post

• Federal officials gathered in Charlottesville to name a post office after Capt. Humayun Khan, a city native who was killed in Iraq when he stopped a vehicle loaded with explosives headed toward a U.S. base. – WVTF

• “Over 100 wells on and near military bases in Virginia exceeded federal safety guidelines for contamination by toxic, firefighting chemicals used widely in Navy and Air Force training, according to military documents.” – Virginia Center for Investigative Journalism

• Most police and firefighters in Virginia Beach opposed raising the mandatory retirement age from 65 to 70 so the chief of police can serve an additional five years. “Sixty-five for a police officer or firefighter already is extreme.” – The Virginian-Pilot

• Environmental regulators fined Devils Backbone Brewery in Rockbridge County $30,000 after an “odorous, foamy and discolored” fluid was discovered flowing into a nearby creek. – The Roanoke Times

• The state shut down oyster and clam fisheries, citing extreme weather from Dorian that “really stirs up the water.” – The Virginian-Pilot

• Officials in Prince George County declared a local emergency after the tanks they use to fuel fire and EMS trucks were mistakenly filled with gasoline instead of diesel, sidelining three fire engines, three medic units and a ladder truck. – The Washington Post

• The Norfolk Police Department won first place in a national law enforcement lip sync video contest on CBS hosted by Cedric the Entertainer. – The Virginian-Pilot

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