McAuliffe won’t run in 2020; Virginia denies Bedford’s request for an Amtrak stop; Henrico sues a property owner to fix their parking lot full of potholes and more headlines

Our daily roundup of headlines from Virginia and elsewhere.

• Terry McAuliffe said he won’t run for president and will instead focus his energy on raising money for Democratic General Assembly candidates. “My heart was with Virginia, as much as I wanted to run for president,” said McAuliffe, who had been polling nationally at zero percent. “It kept tugging at me. . . . I just didn’t think I could walk away from Virginia.” – The Washington Post

• Virginia Capitol Police fired a sergeant after a group called Antifascists of the Seven Hills called attention to his social media posts, which apparently referenced white-supremacist groups. He has been on leave since the allegations surfaced in February. – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• A group of Virginians is suing online payday loan companies that charged them interest rates ranging from 543 to 919 percent. The plaintiffs allege the lenders “are hiding behind Native American tribal governments in order to get around a Virginia law banning usury and a federal anti-racketeering law that targets loan sharks’ debt collection practices.” – Daily Press

• The supply rocket sent to the International Space Station yesterday included a bunch of tiny satellites made by Virginia college and high school students. – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• Henrico County is suing the owner of a shopping mall to get them to fix their pothole-riddled parking lots. – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• A judge in Virginia Beach ruled the city did not breach its contract with a development group that included former Gov. Bob McDonnell when it pulled the plug on an arena proposal last year. – The Virginian-Pilot

• State transit officials denied Bedford’s request for an Amtrak stop, saying not enough people would use it to justify the $10 milliion expense. – The News & Advance

• A fireball lit up Virginia on Tuesday night. Reports of the unusually big and bright meteor flooded in from around the East Coast, with one viewer in D.C. describing it as “so fast, so beautiful.” – The Washington Post

• Someone stole a 50-pound concrete bust of Barack Obama from a farm in Croaker that is home to 43, 20-foot tall presidential busts. – The Virginian-Pilot