In-person school districts quarantine exposed students, civilian review boards clear Senate, no takers for Newport News Confederate monument, and more headlines

Our daily roundup of headlines from Virginia and elsewhere.

• Campbell County Public Schools says 43 adults and students are quarantined after possible exposure to COVID-19. In Prince George County, 24 elementary students were moved to online-only classes after administrators say they came in contact with the virus.—News & AdvanceProgress-Index

• In Northern Virginia, where school districts are holding online-only classes, teachers and parents say it’s working, but it’s weird. “Sometimes,” said one teacher, “you feel as if you’re speaking to thin air. Or to no one at all.”—Washington Post

• The Virginia Senate passed legislation that would empower local governments to establish civilian oversight boards for their police department with subpoena power and disciplinary authority. Republicans called the proposal anti-police and warned it would lead to mob rule. Democrats said bringing civilians into the disciplinary process would restore trust in some communities.—Richmond Times-Dispatch

• “Two more patients have died of COVID-19 at Piedmont Geriatric Hospital, a state psychiatric institution in Nottoway County that has lost nine patients to the disease.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch

• The state collected $12 million in taxes in July from newly legalized slot machines in gas stations, restaurants and convenience stores. Some lawmakers questioned how the state knew the proprietors of the so-called skill games were reporting all their revenue. “I have historically referred to them as somewhat as bandits, and sometimes bandits are less than forthcoming with information.”—Roanoke Times

• Newport News says a Confederate monument slated for removal will be put in storage because the organizations they offered the statue to either didn’t want it or didn’t respond.—Daily Press

• Newport News School Board voted to rename four schools honoring Confederates and segregationists.—Daily Press

• Police in Suffolk say a marked police cruiser was shot multiple times last night. The officer driving was not injured.—Virginian-Pilot

• The owners of the Daily Press permanently closed the newspaper’s office and have no plans to reestablish a physical newsroom. “It’s disappointing the company is making it even harder to do our jobs well.”—Daily Press

• Virginia State Police likened anti-pipeline activists to “militant insurgents” in a leaked intelligence document that quoted Osama bin Laden and warned that environmental groups would “likely use the same four tactics as Al Qaeda: provocation, intimidation, protraction, and exhaustion.”—The Intercept

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