Herring takes aim at robocalls

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring.

Evidently, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring hates robocalls just as much as you.

Herring’s office said in a news release Thursday that he has joined a group of 40 state attorneys general who are reviewing available technology “to stop or reduce annoying and dangerous robocalls.”

“Robocalls have become a daily occurrence for many Virginians, including myself,” Herring said in a statement.

“We need to figure out a way to reduce or stop these annoying, and oftentimes illegal, robocalls and giving telecom companies the tools they need to combat them is an important step. I will continue to work with my colleagues to come up with solutions that will stop these calls and protect our consumers from potential scams or fraud.”

The attorneys general group has held meetings with several major telecom companies to develop “greater information sharing about the technological capabilities currently in existence or in development to fight these calls.”

They are considering whether to make recommendations to the Federal Communications Commission.

Herring and many of his counterparts in other states have called on the FCC “to create new rules to allow telephone service providers to block more illegal robocalls being made to unsuspecting consumers in Virginia and across the country.”

Racist and racially inflammatory robocalls in Florida and Arkansas made big headlines in the midterm elections.