Feds eye Northern Virginia to relieve detention centers at the southern border; Coal baron pledges money to miners who worked for Blackjewel; Dominion wants to demolish its old building and more headlines

Our daily roundup of headlines from Virginia and elsewhere.

• The Trump administration is looking for space in Northern Virginia to house 440 unaccompanied minors to relieve overcrowded detention centers on the southern border. Currently about 130 unaccompanied minors are housed in Virginia.  – The Washington Post

• Gov. Ralph Northam celebrated the removal of Confederate president Jefferson Davis’ name from a 1950s archway over the site where the first enslaved Africans arrived in Virginia. – Daily Press

• UVA says it’s tapping into private funding sources to begin providing financial aid for in-state undergrads with DACA status. – The Daily Progress

• Environmental groups say a stop work order on a 2-mile section of the Mountain Valley pipeline doesn’t go far enough to resolve concerns about environmental damage along the 301-mile route. – The Roanoke Times

• Dominion Energy announced plans to build four lithium ion battery storage facilities. The utility says they’ll store energy generated from renewable sources like solar panels for times of high demand. – Associated Press

• Dominion filed for a permit to demolish its 1970s office tower in downtown Richmond. They say they’ll make an announcement later this year about plans to build a replacement tower. – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• A Hampton judge dismissed a reckless driving charge against a woman accused of hitting State Sen. Mamie Locke while she was crossing the street. The police officer who took the report was fired over online postings and didn’t show up for court. – The Virginian-Pilot

• A Richmond school board member is suing to stop a voter referendum from getting on the ballot that could block the construction of a new coliseum. – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• Both candidates for commonwealth’s attorney in Richmond say they support “the diversion of low-level nonviolent offenders from jail, the decriminalization of marijuana, a ban on guns in public buildings and parks, and a civilian review board for the police department.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• A Southwest Virginia coal baron’s philanthropic foundation pledged $2,000 each to miners in Wise and Lee county stiffed by Blackjewel when it abruptly shut down last month. – Bristol Herald Courier

• Washington County residents overwhelmingly opposed a proposal to move functions of the county’s historic courthouse into an old K-mart building in a strip mall. “Abingdon will become an absolute joke if you move the courthouse to a Kmart,” said one local lawyer. – Bristol Herald Courier