Confederate monuments in Richmond slated for removal, demonstrations in Norfolk, a small-town offer to take Lee statue, and more headlines

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• Jubilant roars erupted at the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond as news spread that Gov. Ralph Northam plans to have the statue removed. “Who said our protests were useless? Who said our protests were stupid?” Supporters of the monuments, meanwhile, reacted in disbelief. “If such an ATROCITY were allowed to occur it would be as Dark a Day as the day Richmond fell to the Invading Yankees!”—The Washington Post

• Some protesters emphasized that they expect more action from city and state leaders. “These symbolic acts do nothing to change our material conditions right now. And so I’m glad that they are taking down these monuments, but what are they doing in terms of funding the RPD and funding this racist police department that continues to enact violence against Black Americans?”—VPM

• “More than 200 demonstrators marched through downtown Norfolk on Wednesday night to denounce police brutality, capping their long, hot walk with a surprise brass band performance that threw the crowd into dance.”—The Virginian-Pilot

• Protesters who have been risking contracting COVID-19 to join demonstrations against police brutality say the issue is too important to stay home. “We’ve got to come together. The only way we can do that is we’ve got to come out. We want our voices heard.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch

• As the 8 p.m. curfew imposed by Northam in Richmond expired, he granted a similar request in Hampton that will run through Saturday following scuffles with police Tuesday.—Daily Press

• The chairman of Norfolk’s Republican Party turned in enough petition signatures “to force Norfolk’s City Council to consider a measure that would instruct city police to effectively ignore new gun-control measures passed by the Virginia General Assembly, the lead organizer behind the petition effort said.”—The Virginian-Pilot

• Virginia Commonwealth University announced plans for a modified fall semester with smaller classes, a mix of online and in-person instruction and an early end to avoid the height of flu season.—Commonwealth Times

• The mayor of Crewe, a town of 2,000 in Nottoway County, sent a letter to Northam offering to take the statue of Robert E. Lee set to be removed in Richmond in hopes it would generate tourism revenue. “Green is the most important color. If I could get a statue of Lenin or Josef Stalin, I would take it.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch

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