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Biden wins Virginia

Joe Biden found friendly territory for his moderate politics in Virginia, capturing 53 percent of the vote and winning nearly every city and county in the state.

Bernie Sanders came in second, with 23 percent of the vote and carrying the only three localities Biden lost: Floyd, Charlottesville and Harrisonburg. Elizabeth Warren and Mike Bloomberg trailed at 10.77 percent and 9.67 percent, respectively. See the Virginia Public Access Project for full results down to the precinct level.

Late deciders were key to Biden’s wins in Virginia, according to the Associated Press, whose voter surveys show nearly half of voters waited to make up their minds, and nearly two-thirds of those voters ended up backing Biden.

Exit polls showed Biden winning in every demographic here except voters under age 29, who overwhelmingly favored Sanders. Biden was especially strong with black voters and voters over age 65, with over 70 percent of voters in the two groups supporting him.

Of voters surveyed, 48 percent described themselves as moderate or conservative, and 60 percent said their priority was nominating a candidate who can beat Donald Trump.

“I want to get Trump out of office by all means necessary,” Josephine Stewart, 66, a cook for Richmond Public Schools, told The Washington Post.

More news:

• North Carolina reported its first confirmed case of the fast-spreading coronavirus.—The Virginian-Pilot

• “The death of a 58-year-old construction supervisor aboard the USS George Washington last August could cost Newport News Shipbuilding $161,925 in penalties with regulators.”—The Virginian-Pilot

• A Roanoke-area judgeship remains mired in local political disputes, with more than a dozen senators walking off the floor to object to a vote. A second vote is scheduled today.—The Roanoke Times

• “U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen has a hearing in Washington on Wednesday about President Donald Trump’s plan to make him a federal judge.”—The Roanoke Times

• Senate Minority Leader Tommy Norment, R-James City, would like lawmakers to stop using the word notwithstanding in legislation.—Daily Press

• Police in Manassas say a man dressed as Spider-Man exposed himself to a woman stopped at a traffic light.—Associated Press

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