42 inmates in the state have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria; Virginia teachers turn to crowdfunding for supplies; Wineries need flexible grape-harvesting volunteers and more headlines

Our daily roundup of headlines from Virginia and elsewhere.

• Virginia Beach plans to open a “VB Strong Center” in October to provide free mental health counseling for survivors of the mass shooting in May, city employees, victims families and others. – The Virginian-Pilot

• Donald Trump signed legislation naming a post office after Ryan Keith Cox, a victim of the Virginia Beach shooting who is considered a hero for his response. – The Virginian Pilot

• The Department of Corrections says 42 inmates have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and most are receiving hormone treatment, but only one transgender inmate is being housed in a prison that corresponds with her gender identity. “She is a female, so she is at a women’s prison,” a spokeswoman said, citing a policy that allows “only transgender inmates who have had reassignment surgery to be housed in facilities for members of their reassigned sex.” – Richmond Times-Dispatch

• Environmental groups say a voluntary suspension of construction on parts of the Mountain Valley Pipeline isn’t doing enough to protect endangered species. In a court filing this week, they called for a total halt to work. – The Roanoke Times

• In Hampton, Aberdeen Gardens is a black community with roots that span centuries – possibly all the way to the first enslaved African brought to English North America 400 years ago. “A lot of African American history has been lost because those in power with the resources to preserve it chose not to. It’s different in Aberdeen Gardens.” – The Washington Post

• Teachers are crowd-sourcing donations for classroom supplies their school districts can’t or won’t pay for. – Daily Press

• The Frederick County School Board voted to tighten oversight of school newspapers – a decision one high school journalism student criticized. “Students should be able to write about what they care about and not be censored.” – The Winchester Star

• A judge sentenced a Tangier Island waterman to one year in prison for overharvesting oysters. “The illegal oysters had a value between $15,000 and $40,000.” – Associated Press

• Police in Roanoke have begun handing out $250 tickets under a new law that bans holding a phone while driving in a construction zone. – The Roanoke Times

• State consumer protection officials are warning people not to purchase a male sexual enhancement supplement sold under the name V8 after three people in the Richmond area suffered from severe hypoglycemia. – Associated Press

• Virginia wineries are looking for flexible volunteers to help pick grapes – possibly at a moment’s notice. “As a volunteer, you probably won’t be rousted out of bed, but wineries will appreciate it if you keep your schedule flexible as they determine the window of opportunity to harvest.” – C-VILLE

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