Jacob Hileman

Jacob Hileman

Jacob Hileman is an environmental hydrologist with a doctorate from the University of California, Davis. He was raised in the Catawba Valley of Virginia, and is presently a researcher with the Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science at Uppsala University.


Water Board should reject Mountain Valley Pipeline permit this time around

By: - October 26, 2021

On Dec. 14, the State Water Control Board is expected to vote on whether to approve or deny a stream crossing permit for Mountain Valley Pipeline. The seven members of the board – an independent regulatory body composed of private citizens – have been tasked with determining whether the draft permit released by the Virginia […]


A 303-mile hole in claim new gas pipelines are critical to energy security

By: - June 22, 2021

After the recent cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, fossil fuel industry advocates have redoubled their efforts to frame the completion of other U.S. pipeline projects as a critical energy security issue. However, there is a 42-inch wide, 303-mile long gaping hole in this line of argumentation: the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). Originally slated to be […]


Despite rosy projections, all is not well with the Mountain Valley Pipeline

By: - September 2, 2020

Following the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the developers of the Mountain Valley Pipeline have not been shy about talking up their own project in the Appalachian region. However, behind the rosy pronouncements of late, all is far from well with the MVP. In early August, Reuters reported that MVP “still expects to complete […]


Mountain Valley Pipeline is a prime example of national permitting failure

By: - July 17, 2020

On April 15, the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana suspended the Nationwide Permit (NWP) 12 program. While the case at hand specifically dealt with the Keystone XL Pipeline, the court determined the flaws with NWP 12 represented a systemic shortcoming. In fact, by failing to consult with federal agencies in regard to […]


FERC has a big pipeline problem

By: - April 10, 2020

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has a pipeline problem. A really, really big one. According to publicly available information on FERC’s website, the commission approved no fewer than 46 onshore gas pipeline “mega-projects” from 1997 to 2019. These largest-of-the-large pipeline projects consist of gas pipelines measuring 24 to 42 inches in diameter, with over 100 […]


Why the Mountain Valley Pipeline is uniquely risky

By: - August 22, 2019

On Aug. 8, Mountain Valley Pipeline requested “emergency authorization” from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to repair an eight-acre landslide that “has progressed to the point where a residence directly downslope is unsafe to be occupied.” Unfortunately, events like this are almost expected; MVP chose to route, and FERC chose to approve, this titanic 42-inch […]


MVP’s violations show ‘complete absence of any and all meaningful regulation’

By: - July 15, 2019

Ever since Mountain Valley Pipeline first proposed to gouge a 303-mile long, 125-foot wide scar across the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, countless experts have warned of the uncontrollable erosion the project would provoke. These warnings have since proven to be well founded: We have witnessed sediment-laden water flowing off the right-of-way and into adjacent […]


A failure to act by the water board on Mountain Valley Pipeline will allow more violations

By: - February 28, 2019

On Friday, the Virginia State Water Control Board will meet to discuss whether it should revoke a key permit previously issued to Mountain Valley Pipeline. The permit in question, the 401 Water Quality Certification, authorizes pipeline construction in upland areas; essentially everywhere except wetlands and stream crossings. Crucially, this permit does not authorize MVP to […]