Graham Moomaw

Graham Moomaw

A veteran Virginia politics reporter, Graham grew up in Hillsville and Lynchburg, graduating from James Madison University and earning a master's degree in journalism from the University of Maryland. Before joining the Mercury in 2019, he spent six years at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, most of that time covering the governor's office, the General Assembly and state politics. He also covered city hall and politics at The Daily Progress in Charlottesville. Contact him at [email protected]

Youngkin vetoes bill imposing new rules for truckers in snowstorms

By: - April 14, 2022

The only piece of Virginia legislation inspired by the prolonged shutdown of Interstate 95 during a January snowstorm appears to be stalling out due to a veto by Gov. Glenn Youngkin. The bill, which would have prohibited truckers from using cruise control or compression brakes during winter weather, was pitched as a way to reduce […]

After GOP official’s racist post, Va. elections board asks parties to take local picks seriously

By: - April 13, 2022

The Virginia State Board of Elections will ask both political parties and the court system to do a better job of vetting appointees to the state’s 133 local electoral boards after the removal of the Republican chairman of the Hampton Electoral Board over a racist Facebook post. “Governor Youngkin deserves credit for acting quickly and […]

Seven ways Youngkin is trying to make his mark on General Assembly bills

By: , and - April 12, 2022

Almost three months into his term, Gov. Glenn Youngkin has signed 700 bills, suggested amendments to over 100 more and vetoed 26 as Monday’s deadline passed for him to act on most of the General Assembly’s work for the year. Though the governor touted the bipartisan nature of many of the bills that had to […]

Jason Wright, team president, Washington Commanders

Commanders president says team doesn’t want bidding war over new stadium

By: - April 12, 2022

Washington Commanders President Jason Wright insists the franchise isn’t trying to pit D.C.-area governments against each other in a bidding war over a new stadium, saying he feels that’s a “mischaracterization” of the team’s pursuit of a new venue in the region. In an interview with The Virginia Mercury, Wright, who oversees Commanders’ business operations […]

Va. House Democrats propose $50 payments to car owners instead of gas tax holiday

By: - April 8, 2022

Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates are proposing sending money directly to Virginia drivers as an alternative to Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s plan to temporarily suspend the state’s gas tax. In a news release Friday, House Democrats said they want to give $50 rebates to every car owner, or up to $100 per household. Republicans […]

How Virginia officials hope to avoid a repeat of the snowy shutdown of I-95

By: - April 8, 2022

One of the first ideas proposed in Virginia after a January snowstorm left thousands of motorists stranded overnight on Interstate 95, some for nearly 24 hours, was a law requiring tractor-trailers to stay in the right-hand lane during winter storms. After pushback from the trucking industry and concerns it might create a wall of trucks […]

After fight with Democrats, Youngkin announces new Parole Board picks

By: - April 6, 2022

After Democrats blocked his first batch of nominees last month, Gov. Glenn Youngkin is making four new appointments to the Virginia Parole Board. Several of the nominees announced Wednesday have ties to law enforcement, an apparent nod to the 2020 controversy over the previous Parole Board’s decision to release a man convicted in 1979 for […]

Tulips are blooming at the Virginia Capitol, but a budget deal remained elusive Monday. (Photo by Graham Moomaw)

With no budget deal, Virginia lawmakers start special session with nothing to vote on

By: - April 4, 2022

While surrounded by beagles at Virginia’s Executive Mansion, Gov. Glenn Youngkin said Monday he hoped state lawmakers could approach their ongoing budget work with the same bipartisan zeal behind the animal cruelty bills he was signing. “I was disappointed at the pace the work was going,” Youngkin said, explaining his decision to bring lawmakers back […]

Easing new limits on police powers, Virginia is cracking back down on noisy cars

By: - April 1, 2022

As someone who once lived near the Richmond Raceway, Robin Mines says she’s familiar with the sound of loud, fast cars. She didn’t expect to have to endure similar noises miles away in her current South Richmond neighborhood, where she says elderly people, children and veterans with PTSD are being rattled late at night by […]

Rules for ‘recontextualizing’ Virginia’s Confederate statues delayed after opponents object

By: - March 31, 2022

Under Virginia’s regulatory process, “fast-tracking” can be a relative term. Two years after Virginia lawmakers voted to give local government power to remove or modify Confederate monuments, state officials chose the fast track to finalize regulations on who gets the final say on the historical accuracy of any modifications to those statues. Those pending rules, […]

As the pandemic eases, officials want to get more Virginians back on public transit

By: - March 29, 2022

The state is launching a new PR campaign called “Rediscover Your Ride” to boost confidence in public transit.

With another basketball ad, Youngkin calls on lawmakers to finish state budget

By: - March 23, 2022

Gov. Glenn Youngkin is calling the Virginia General Assembly back to Richmond on April 4 to finish work on the two-year state budget and dozens of other bills left in limbo when the legislature adjourned earlier this month. But instead of focusing on closed-door negotiations with Senate Democrats whose votes he needs to enact his […]