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• A man walked into a social security office in Norfolk with a handgun, a rifle, 600 rounds of ammo, three sandwiches and three beers. But he never made it past the lobby, where he got into a shootout with a security guard.—Virginian-Pilot

• A Virginia man who previously had roles with the U.S. Navy and FBI is being treated as a “key figure” in the planning of the attack on the Capitol. Court filings allege he discussed sniper teams, getaway drivers and “stashing ‘heavy weapons’ in a boat on the Potomac River.”—Washington Post

• A man the internet dubbed “the Capitol Rotunda Doobie Smoker” was arrested in Virginia Beach after police identified him as the person seen in videos from the Jan. 6 riot yelling “it’s time to smoke weed in here.”—Virginian-Pilot

• Richmond police previously said a man shot during a pursuit on New Year’s Eve had pointed a gun. The officers on the scene testified in court the gun fell to the ground and they never saw him holding it.—Richmond Times-Dispatch

• Health officials will deactivate the state’s spotty COVID-19 vaccination preregistration systems at 5 p.m. Friday as they prepare to launch a more user-friendly, centralized system next week.—Roanoke Times

• Elderly people are inundating the Virginian-Pilot with pleas for help figuring out how they can get vaccinated.—Virginian-Pilot

• Democratic leaders are pressing ahead with plans to expand Virginia’s Court of Appeals by adding six new judges.—Roanoke Times

• Virginia is close to passing a state-level data privacy law.—Ars Technica

• The former owner of a Martinsville-area store is going to prison for laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel.—Martinsville Bulletin

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